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Large Size Womens’ Shoes (size 12 and up) Shopping Guide

Well, tall girls often have larger feet as well, so here are my recommendation for great larger size shoes (size 12, size 13, and beyond!). I’m always on the look-out for more!


  • Barefoot Tess: My favorite! The shoes are pretty pricey, but this new shop is such an amazing source for fantastic kick. If you haven’t seen this yet, go NOW and be prepared to throw down some well-spent dollars.
  • J. Crew: J. Crew has up to size 12 in select styles. I’ve got some fantastic boots from this place, but be prepared to spend at least $100 on J. Crew shoes.
  • Simple Shoes: Up to size 12. Great casual, but stylish, earthy shoes and boots.
  • Zappos: Search by size, one of the largest online shoe sellers. Their return and customer service are killer — I always get my sneakers and converses here!
  • Amazon’s new shoe and handbag sites. Lots of options for larger shoes sizes and easy searching
  • Payless Shoes: Shop by size, lots of options in 12 and 13. Cute and cheaaaaap!