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Tall Girl with Shorter Boy: Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

photo of Mandy Moore and Ryan AdamsAwww! Mandy Moore has been dating shorter musician Ryan Adams for a few months apparently. I imagine Adams won’t be itching for paparazzi photo-ops, but I think they’re a pretty adorable match.

note: I found the photo and news on the fabulous Plain Jayne fashion blog.

May 21, 2008   1 Comment

Tall Women’s Trench Coat

women's tall trench coat from topshop uk The major clothing item I was hurting for this winter was a nice, clean trench coat for those rainy days. I totally squealed when i found this classy tall trench over at Top Shop. It’s called the “Tall Bow Back Trench” but there’s no back detail picture on the site, so I’ll just have to be surprised when the package arrives.

Thanks to the incredibly crumbling dollar, the £65 jacket (75 with shipping to the states) becomes a pricey little number, but light jackets are worth their weight in gold, so I went for it! Now, I just need some rainboots and I’ll be ready for the next wet season.

April 29, 2008   2 Comments

Leather Jackets for Tall Women

Oh, I’ve been dreaming of a perfectly fitted leather jacket. It’s still the ultimate in casual cool. Here’s a recent shot of Natalie Portman from a spread in April’s Elle, plus a pic of Kate Bosworth in a cropped leather jacket. I particularly love the jacket Portman is wearing.

What’s a tall girl to do? I’ve found light jackets are the hardest to buy online and be confident about a good fit, but here are a couple of contenders I’ve found:

Tall Girls UK Leather jacketI love the high-collar of this Tall Girls UK leather jacket and the fact that there are a couple shots of it being worn by a girl, all of which look very promising. I could do without the elastic wrists and waist… looks like puffy-sleeve and waist-riding-up syndrome just waiting to happen.

Long Tall Sally leather JacketLove the simple lines of this Long Tall Sally leather jacket, but without any pics of a woman actually wearing it, who knows whether it would be classic cool or stiff and ill-fitting.

April 13, 2008   12 Comments

Tall Shop Dresses

As soon as I found a few regular clothing lines that carried taller inseams I effectively boycotted all “Tall Stores.” I’ve had some terrible experiences ordering clothing online and receiving hideous granny pants, or some ill-fitting jacket with shoulder pads. However, it seems that some tall stores are beginning to carry some fashion-forward clothing. Similarly, the idea of having fitted dresses with the correct torso-length seems quite appealing.

Specifically, I’ve been looking at these two dresses from Long Tall Sally. The floral dress is beautiful and the red dress would make an great basic for layering over and under:

Long Tall Sally has convinced me to end my tall-shop ban as soon as payday rolls around for two main reasons:
1. They have pictures of actual women wearing their clothes:

2. They’ve chosen a totally hot model, who has convinced me I too can be hot in this dress:

April 6, 2008   No Comments

Gladiator Sandals for Larger Feet

Sooo… the new sandals seem to all be gladiator style, which is so fine by me. I actually don’t have a single pair of sandals, largely due to my hatred of flip-flops and my inability to find another style I like.

Now that I’ve stocked up on vintage dresses, I’ll certainly need a nice pair of summer sandals. Fortunately, Barefoot Tess has an abundance of sandals in sizes up to 14 (for these styles). My absolute favorites are all by Matt Bernson and, of course, are all a bit too expensive for me. I considered these lovelies:

gladiator sandals for larger feet womensgladiator sandals for larger feet womens

They’re all strappy and could easily swing both casual and more dressy. I think straps on sandals also make your feet look smaller, could just be wishful thinking though, ha!
gladiator sandals for larger feet womensIn the end, I did buy a pair. These blue beauties! I’ve been dying for a pair of blue shoes and these have the nice balance of strappy gladiator-ness without looking like you should be holding a spear. They just arrived today and, honestly, are pretty much perfect. Once the weather warms up and I actually get to wear them, I’ll post some pics.

April 3, 2008   4 Comments

Wider-leg Pants

After two years of wearing almost exclusively skinny jeans, I’m now on the hunt for some denim with a wider fit. Fortunately, this season has some nice wide-leg action going. Here are two main contenders I’ve found so far, but I’m not yet satisfied with either to settle.

I like the darker color of the J.Crew trousers, but it may hug too close to the thigh… I’m not looking for boot-cut here. The Medium Wash Jeans from Banana Republic have a 36 inch inseam plus a cuff which might be able to be taken down or up for the perfect fit. With a new fit, it’s hard to tell online whether they’d look right, so I may keep browsing for a while.

April 2, 2008   No Comments

Tall Girls with Shorter Boys: Carlo Bruni

Carlo Bruni’s shoesFirst lady of France Carlo Bruni is seen here, second to the left, rocking some flats on her recent trip with husband and President Nicolas Sarkozy to England. It seems former model and forever hottie Bruni has been spotted in flats quite a bit lately.

One potential reason? To downplay her 4 inch advantage over her husband. The 5ft 11in tall Bruni is quite a bit taller than the 5ft 7in tall Sarkozy, who has been seen constantly in stacked shoes. You can read more in The Telegraph.

I think they look pretty adorable together.

Carlo BruniCarlo Bruni 1

Carlo BruniCarlo Bruni 3

April 1, 2008   2 Comments

Color Pop Jeans

Delias 36 inch colorful pants

Colorful Jeans for Spring!

I love these Low-rise Skinny Denims from Delia’s with 36 inch inseams. $44.50 each but looks like they’re on buy-one-get-one-half-off now.

I could also use the sandals these girls are rockin’.

March 30, 2008   No Comments