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37 inch inseam — colorful skinny jeans

166017_detailOne of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your looks is to have basics with really great details. That’s why I’m really salivating over these 37 inch inseam jeans with a braided belt. The fit looks pretty decent as well, probably will look best if the thighs are pretty tight-fitted. Anyway, check this detail shot out! Drool! Even with a basic, solid-color T, this would make a really nice summer look. It’s a little hippy, but in a subtle way (as opposed to, like, a flower patch on the knee). is selling these for about $40. Anybody know if Alloy’s sizing runs small, large or true? I haven’t ordered in a while! Click the pants below to go right to the page.

April 27, 2009   5 Comments

New Tall Summer Line Review - Tall Girls UK

I sort of hate reviewing summer tall lines since most of the clothes aren’t particularly ‘tall’-specific, but Tall Girls UK has their new line out, so here goes. To start, if you’re into the long maxi trend, there are definitely some great summer maxis there. Maxi dresses don’t really work for me, but it’s nice that there are some options for tall women too:

tall summer maxi

Plus, another tall tight option, this time some long fishnet footless leggings:

tall footless tights

Plus, check out this beautiful hooded tall robe. Love it!


Plus, lots of clever t-shirts with tall girls slogans on it, and some summer tops and cardigans. Happy shopping!

April 20, 2009   1 Comment

Last minute deal — 20% off Designer Tall Jeans at Designs By Stephene

Want some fabulous designer jeans with long inseams for (relatively) cheap? Today’s your day! I just found out there’s a “Tax Day” sale over at Designs by Stephene (code - taxtime). Everything is 20% off today only.

Tragically, everything is still beyond my budget, but if you got a big refund and some job security, more power to ya’! Designer jeans always make your backside look great, but you should still be prepared to drop 150-200 bucks (oouuuuch!). They’ve got Hudson, J Brand, Joe’s Jeans and more in 36 and 37″ inseam (look in their left menu for the long inseam section).

April 15, 2009   No Comments

Spring Lines for Tall Clothing

It’s that time! Stores are throwing down their Spring lines. So what looks promising for us tall gals? Here are two new items, I’ll post more as they roll in!

First up, Delias welcomes the Spring with more 36″ inseam jeans in every eye-popping color of the rainbow. (p.s. through the end of April, you can get free shipping on orders over $25 with the code DXEAFF.)

Long Inseam Jeans Colored from Delias

Also, I’m super excited about Alloy’s trouser jeans for Spring (with 37″ inseams). Alloy often seems to trend towards the super-flared and distressed look, so I’m happy they’re reeling it in a bit this year. Love the trouser look!

long inseam trouser pants

Plus, there are a bunch of new items from Tall Girls UK’s Spring line. Although this slouchy v-neck cardigan may not scream summer, it would look great paired with some cut-off denim shorts. I love having summer sweaters I can toss in the bag in case the temperature dips at night.


Yay! I love Spring. I’ll review more tall collections as they roll in!

April 7, 2009   No Comments

Delia’s now carrying 37″ inseam jeans

37 inch inseam Delias Reese Bootcut jeansWhoa, hadn’t noticed this before! Delias
icon now has a couple of denim options with 37″ inseam jeans
icon There aren’t a ton of options, but this low-rise bootcut denim looks nice.

Plus, they’re having a buy-one-get-one free sale on denim, so maybe you could also pick up a more colorful options in the 36″ inseam. But try not to get too frantic — they seem to have this same sale about 14 times each season.

April 2, 2009   1 Comment

Sale on Tall Women’s Clothing at Tall Girls UK

Looks like Tall Girls UK is having an anniversary sale! 10% off everything (with the code Tall10) until the end of the month. For Americans, the poor little dollar may still put some of these clothes on the pricier side, but there’s no denying British style. Here’s what I would (and hopefully will if I subsist on rice and beans for a few weeks) snap up:
Clothing selection from Tall Shop UK

Side note- if anyone from Tall Shop UK is listening, what’s up with the foot-less leggings? Any girl can find mid-calf black leggings… extra-long colorful tights and stockings please!

Oh! and anybody interested in the Tall Women’s Raincoat I mentioned– it came and fits perfectly, excessive sleeve length, highly recommended.

June 3, 2008   1 Comment

Wider-leg Pants

After two years of wearing almost exclusively skinny jeans, I’m now on the hunt for some denim with a wider fit. Fortunately, this season has some nice wide-leg action going. Here are two main contenders I’ve found so far, but I’m not yet satisfied with either to settle.

I like the darker color of the J.Crew trousers, but it may hug too close to the thigh… I’m not looking for boot-cut here. The Medium Wash Jeans from Banana Republic have a 36 inch inseam plus a cuff which might be able to be taken down or up for the perfect fit. With a new fit, it’s hard to tell online whether they’d look right, so I may keep browsing for a while.

April 2, 2008   No Comments

Color Pop Jeans

Delias 36 inch colorful pants

Colorful Jeans for Spring!

I love these Low-rise Skinny Denims from Delia’s with 36 inch inseams. $44.50 each but looks like they’re on buy-one-get-one-half-off now.

I could also use the sandals these girls are rockin’.

March 30, 2008   No Comments