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Old Navy Tall Line Review

Have you guys seen those Old Navy commercials featuring the mannequins? Is that the most annoying ad campaign ever run or what? I absolutely want to throw something at my TV every time it comes on.

Despite this, today I’m going to review Old Navy’s tall line of clothing, simply because I didn’t even know it existed. I think Old Navy must have snuck it in a couple of years ago, because I stumpled upon it recently and let a little squeal of excitement. Now, to be clear, Old Navy puts out some cheaaaap (and generally pretty boring) clothes. However, there are diamonds amongst this rough, so check out my favorites.

There are a ton of denim and pant options in the tall section, but I really love this dark-blue cuffed pants:


Having stylish, light jackets really pull together your outfit. Love this baby-blue jacket!


It’s so great to have another affordable tall option!

April 21, 2009   No Comments

Tall Women’s Trench Coat

women's tall trench coat from topshop uk The major clothing item I was hurting for this winter was a nice, clean trench coat for those rainy days. I totally squealed when i found this classy tall trench over at Top Shop. It’s called the “Tall Bow Back Trench” but there’s no back detail picture on the site, so I’ll just have to be surprised when the package arrives.

Thanks to the incredibly crumbling dollar, the £65 jacket (75 with shipping to the states) becomes a pricey little number, but light jackets are worth their weight in gold, so I went for it! Now, I just need some rainboots and I’ll be ready for the next wet season.

April 29, 2008   2 Comments

Leather Jackets for Tall Women

Oh, I’ve been dreaming of a perfectly fitted leather jacket. It’s still the ultimate in casual cool. Here’s a recent shot of Natalie Portman from a spread in April’s Elle, plus a pic of Kate Bosworth in a cropped leather jacket. I particularly love the jacket Portman is wearing.

What’s a tall girl to do? I’ve found light jackets are the hardest to buy online and be confident about a good fit, but here are a couple of contenders I’ve found:

Tall Girls UK Leather jacketI love the high-collar of this Tall Girls UK leather jacket and the fact that there are a couple shots of it being worn by a girl, all of which look very promising. I could do without the elastic wrists and waist… looks like puffy-sleeve and waist-riding-up syndrome just waiting to happen.

Long Tall Sally leather JacketLove the simple lines of this Long Tall Sally leather jacket, but without any pics of a woman actually wearing it, who knows whether it would be classic cool or stiff and ill-fitting.

April 13, 2008   12 Comments