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New Tall Summer Line Review - Tall Girls UK

I sort of hate reviewing summer tall lines since most of the clothes aren’t particularly ‘tall’-specific, but Tall Girls UK has their new line out, so here goes. To start, if you’re into the long maxi trend, there are definitely some great summer maxis there. Maxi dresses don’t really work for me, but it’s nice that there are some options for tall women too:

tall summer maxi

Plus, another tall tight option, this time some long fishnet footless leggings:

tall footless tights

Plus, check out this beautiful hooded tall robe. Love it!


Plus, lots of clever t-shirts with tall girls slogans on it, and some summer tops and cardigans. Happy shopping!

April 20, 2009   1 Comment

Short people complaining about long leggings

I was looking for more long-inseam leggings to add to the Redwoodlings Tall Leggings & Tights Guide when I came upon some nice Newport News leggings on Amazon.

Now… I’m not a mean person, but I did get some satisfaction from all the whining short people complaining about how the leggings run too long on them. Heehee!

April 10, 2009   2 Comments

Extra Long Colorful Leggings for Tall Women

Sometimes it’s easy to find the basic styles of tall clothing (bootcut jeans, long-sleeve t-shirt, black leggings), but not the more interesting or colorful versions. I’ve been longing for some crazy and bold leggings to extend my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Anyway, after some online hunting for eccentric leggings and tights with 36″ inseams, here are a few of the wild styles I’ve found:

1. Leggings from Top Shop UK: Right now, Top Shop has tall leggings in the craziest colors. Here are some of the most bold, but they’re also carrying two faux denim styles and shiny black latex.

36 inch leggings for tall womentall 36 inch leggingstall 36 inch leggings

2. Classic leggings by Newport News: So “classic” isn’t the most exciting descriptive term, buuut these guys come in all kinds of colors (Graphite, Mushroom, Dusty-Lilac) and have tall options in each size. The thing that really caused me to take notice was the price (under $15!) and reviews that said things like “Before I brought these, I wasted money on leggings that were 5Xs the price, barely touched my ankles and so-so for fit. I’m tall (6′) and these leggings from Newport fit long on me and make the legs look shapely.” Woo!

Tall Leggings from Newport News

3. Whoa. Check out these leopard leggings. I think I might wear these with a skirt of longer shirt, but whatever works for you. Haha. There’s no size or inseam information (and they’re 72 bucks, yikes), but the description is Women’s Hyde Extra Long Leggings and it’s usually a good sign when they throw that ‘extra’ in there.
extra long leopard leggings

4. We Love Colors Inc. has the widest range of colors (45!) for their tights and leggings, plus all kinds of crazy tie-dye options. But will they fit? I honestly don’t know, but they have both plus-size ranges (the A1 may fit up to 6′2″) and men’s tights (which should fit the tallest of us!). Please let me know if you’ve tried any from here (
extra long leggings for tall women we love colors

April 9, 2009   3 Comments

Sale at Tall Girls UK

Tall Girls UK is making room for their Spring line by clearing out a few sale items. I like the gathered black top and classic grey leggings (although only a UK 8 is left). Check out all the sale items here.

tall 36 inch leggingslong sleeve top for tall women

April 6, 2009   No Comments

Leggings, Tights, Stockings, and Hose for Tall Women

May I present the Redwoodlings all-inclusive list of the longest tights, stockings, and leggings. Unfortunately, this is one area where I find options to be fairly limited, which is particularly tragic because I love wearing dresses in the winter and fall.

As I see it, there are a few options for the longest-legged:

1. Extra Long Women’s Tights

Levante Plain Wool Tights, available in XTall, in Charcoal, Mocca, Navy, Nero, and Sherry. Claims to fit up to 6′2”


Levante Ribbed Wool Tights, available in XTall, in Camel, Mocca, and Nero. I have two pairs of these and they fit me nicely (I’m 6′4” and pretty thin).


Levante Class Tights, more traditional hose, available in XTall, in a range of colors from “dark” to “light tan,” basically.


Mark and Spencer Tall Fishnet TightsThe girls over at Clothes for Tall Women recommend the X-Large Mark and Spencer fishnets.


2. Unisex Tights: Yes, some guys wear tights. And on average, guys are taller. Way to go cross-dressing guys! Unfortunately, you’re not going to find a fine range of color, but take what you can get, eh? Options:

The Levee WoMan Dynamic Support Tights comes in two boring colors, but a huge range of sizes, sure to fit any gal. This same store has some other options in the section “Men’s Hosiery”.

3. Wearing Long Thigh-high Stockings, possibly with garter belts.

In addition to looking mad sexy, garter belts with thigh-high stockings seem like they’d allow extra stretch and forever eliminate the crotch-area dragging down on your stockings. Make sure you still get longer thigh-highs so they’ll reach high enough on your leg, but there’s definitely more give here. I haven’t yet ordered any of these, but will soon! I have some thigh-highs without garter belts and generally just get annoyed at having to keep tugging them up, even if they are “hold-ups” meant to stay up on their own.

Long Thigh-Highs: Some taller thigh-highs I’ve found include these from Stockings HQ and various options in the Extra Tall section of MyTights.

Thigh Highs from Sock DreamsAnother AMAZING source of taller socks is the woman-owned heaven that is Sock Dreams. They have a ton of stockings that would work perfectly as thigh-highs and even without a belt would complement lovely long legs. A lot of their goods have length and description recommendations as well and be sure to browse the Thigh High Socks Section.


Long Cuffable Socks from Sock DreamsFor example, check out these amazing longer, scrunchable socks that would work great pulled up and clipped onto a garter belt! 40 inches long!


Joy of Socks Pattern VetiBut what about great patterns? Sometimes I want to show-off my legs with some eye-catching colors and patterns. I love the patterns over at Joy of Socks , for example, and am wondering if I could I cut the top part off, somehow sew or iron the top seam shut, and then use a garter belt to keep them up. Crafty Project!


Garter Belts: A few garter belts I’m eyeing are this one from Agent Provacateur and this one from MyTights (Falke brand). I won’t include pics in case you’re surfing at work!

Your turn! Okay, my long lovely ladies, go out unto the world of tights, and bring back word of treasures you’ve discovered. My general recommendations in trying out new brands is that you should only look for tights that have three, four, or five sizes (just S/M and M/L options aint’ gonna cut it) and pick the biggest. Also, just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean bigger size will fit! Sometimes stretch meant for width will give you an extra inch or so, but some tights just will not be long enough, no matter how twiggy you are! Finally, keep in mind that if hose is stretched to its fullest, you’re going to get runs (or ‘ladders’) easier, so use the Golden Tall Girl Clothing Rule – If it fits you, buy two!

For easy reference, here are the stores I troll:

June 14, 2008   8 Comments