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Old Navy Tall Line Review

Have you guys seen those Old Navy commercials featuring the mannequins? Is that the most annoying ad campaign ever run or what? I absolutely want to throw something at my TV every time it comes on.

Despite this, today I’m going to review Old Navy’s tall line of clothing, simply because I didn’t even know it existed. I think Old Navy must have snuck it in a couple of years ago, because I stumpled upon it recently and let a little squeal of excitement. Now, to be clear, Old Navy puts out some cheaaaap (and generally pretty boring) clothes. However, there are diamonds amongst this rough, so check out my favorites.

There are a ton of denim and pant options in the tall section, but I really love this dark-blue cuffed pants:


Having stylish, light jackets really pull together your outfit. Love this baby-blue jacket!


It’s so great to have another affordable tall option!

April 21, 2009   No Comments

Sale on Tall Women’s Clothing at Tall Girls UK

Looks like Tall Girls UK is having an anniversary sale! 10% off everything (with the code Tall10) until the end of the month. For Americans, the poor little dollar may still put some of these clothes on the pricier side, but there’s no denying British style. Here’s what I would (and hopefully will if I subsist on rice and beans for a few weeks) snap up:
Clothing selection from Tall Shop UK

Side note- if anyone from Tall Shop UK is listening, what’s up with the foot-less leggings? Any girl can find mid-calf black leggings… extra-long colorful tights and stockings please!

Oh! and anybody interested in the Tall Women’s Raincoat I mentioned– it came and fits perfectly, excessive sleeve length, highly recommended.

June 3, 2008   1 Comment

Color Pop Jeans

Delias 36 inch colorful pants

Colorful Jeans for Spring!

I love these Low-rise Skinny Denims from Delia’s with 36 inch inseams. $44.50 each but looks like they’re on buy-one-get-one-half-off now.

I could also use the sandals these girls are rockin’.

March 30, 2008   No Comments