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Two-Tone Mary Janes For Larger Feet

Two Tone mary jane large size 12Want! I love these new Maloles two-tone patent shoes from BarefootTess. I adore them in fact!

Like all shoes from Barefoot Tess, they’re available in larger sizes. These are in Euro sizes, but looks like they go up to 12.5 US. Tragically, at $350, they are far beyond my current budget, but if you can swing it more power to ya.

April 6, 2009   No Comments

Hey Ladies with Shoe size 11!

Vintage Shoes in Larger Sizes are rare indeed, so I thought I’d share this one I came across on Ebay. Size 11, maybe size 11.5, beautiful vintage Oxford lace-up shoes. Squeal! So cute. Alas, I’m a 12, but all you lucky elevens, hurry up and bid… only three days left!

Front Oxfords Size 11 ebay womensVintage Size 11 Brown Ebay Oxfords

June 7, 2008   No Comments

Gladiator Sandals for Larger Feet

Sooo… the new sandals seem to all be gladiator style, which is so fine by me. I actually don’t have a single pair of sandals, largely due to my hatred of flip-flops and my inability to find another style I like.

Now that I’ve stocked up on vintage dresses, I’ll certainly need a nice pair of summer sandals. Fortunately, Barefoot Tess has an abundance of sandals in sizes up to 14 (for these styles). My absolute favorites are all by Matt Bernson and, of course, are all a bit too expensive for me. I considered these lovelies:

gladiator sandals for larger feet womensgladiator sandals for larger feet womens

They’re all strappy and could easily swing both casual and more dressy. I think straps on sandals also make your feet look smaller, could just be wishful thinking though, ha!
gladiator sandals for larger feet womensIn the end, I did buy a pair. These blue beauties! I’ve been dying for a pair of blue shoes and these have the nice balance of strappy gladiator-ness without looking like you should be holding a spear. They just arrived today and, honestly, are pretty much perfect. Once the weather warms up and I actually get to wear them, I’ll post some pics.

April 3, 2008   4 Comments