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Tall Girl with Shorter Boy: Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

photo of Mandy Moore and Ryan AdamsAwww! Mandy Moore has been dating shorter musician Ryan Adams for a few months apparently. I imagine Adams won’t be itching for paparazzi photo-ops, but I think they’re a pretty adorable match.

note: I found the photo and news on the fabulous Plain Jayne fashion blog.

May 21, 2008   1 Comment

Tall Girls with Shorter Boys: Carlo Bruni

Carlo Bruni’s shoesFirst lady of France Carlo Bruni is seen here, second to the left, rocking some flats on her recent trip with husband and President Nicolas Sarkozy to England. It seems former model and forever hottie Bruni has been spotted in flats quite a bit lately.

One potential reason? To downplay her 4 inch advantage over her husband. The 5ft 11in tall Bruni is quite a bit taller than the 5ft 7in tall Sarkozy, who has been seen constantly in stacked shoes. You can read more in The Telegraph.

I think they look pretty adorable together.

Carlo BruniCarlo Bruni 1

Carlo BruniCarlo Bruni 3

April 1, 2008   2 Comments