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Extra Long Colorful Leggings for Tall Women

Sometimes it’s easy to find the basic styles of tall clothing (bootcut jeans, long-sleeve t-shirt, black leggings), but not the more interesting or colorful versions. I’ve been longing for some crazy and bold leggings to extend my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Anyway, after some online hunting for eccentric leggings and tights with 36″ inseams, here are a few of the wild styles I’ve found:

1. Leggings from Top Shop UK: Right now, Top Shop has tall leggings in the craziest colors. Here are some of the most bold, but they’re also carrying two faux denim styles and shiny black latex.

36 inch leggings for tall womentall 36 inch leggingstall 36 inch leggings

2. Classic leggings by Newport News: So “classic” isn’t the most exciting descriptive term, buuut these guys come in all kinds of colors (Graphite, Mushroom, Dusty-Lilac) and have tall options in each size. The thing that really caused me to take notice was the price (under $15!) and reviews that said things like “Before I brought these, I wasted money on leggings that were 5Xs the price, barely touched my ankles and so-so for fit. I’m tall (6′) and these leggings from Newport fit long on me and make the legs look shapely.” Woo!

Tall Leggings from Newport News

3. Whoa. Check out these leopard leggings. I think I might wear these with a skirt of longer shirt, but whatever works for you. Haha. There’s no size or inseam information (and they’re 72 bucks, yikes), but the description is Women’s Hyde Extra Long Leggings and it’s usually a good sign when they throw that ‘extra’ in there.
extra long leopard leggings

4. We Love Colors Inc. has the widest range of colors (45!) for their tights and leggings, plus all kinds of crazy tie-dye options. But will they fit? I honestly don’t know, but they have both plus-size ranges (the A1 may fit up to 6′2″) and men’s tights (which should fit the tallest of us!). Please let me know if you’ve tried any from here (
extra long leggings for tall women we love colors


1 Jim { 05.18.12 at 9:04 am }

The We Love Colors tights fit pretty well. I haven’t tried the leggings…yet :). The length is good and the fit is excellent.

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