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APPAREL: Tall Clothing Shopping Guide

Here are my top picks for finding tall clothes online! Whether you’re looking for jackets, sweaters, tops, or pants — these stores either carry an extensive tall line, or sell clothing exclusively for tall women.


  • Top Shop (Tall): My current fave — I’ve adored everything I’ve bought here. Both of the jackets that I purchased were very long, trimly fit, and very stylish. I haven’t yet ordered any pants, but Top Shop does have a nice selection and regularly introduce new styles each season. Top Shop is a British store finally expanding stateside, so the whole line has a great UK fee.
  • Banana Republic (Tall): Ahh, the Banana — forever classy and preppy. BR is current without feeling cheap. A little pricey, but great work options.
  • J. Crew (Tall): There are more traditional cuts and fits here, with longer options in nicer denim. Watch out though — I’ve heard their jackets can run short! Like a lot of mainstream online stores, they have an easy return system, so why not check ‘em out?
  • Gap (Tall): Gap often fits me a bit funky, but it may be a good option for your cheaper basics. The pants are usually long (but not particularly ‘hip’ as far as fit), but the shirt sleeves are a little short for me.
  • Old Navy (Tall): Old Navy has, often, sort of cheap-looking clothing. Buuut, there are some serious diamonds in the rough here. Wade through the cargo pants and Old-Navy logo t-shirts for some stylish jackets, sweaters and pants. Plus, definitely affordable fashion.
  • Metro Style (Tall): Has a sort of, mid-30’s Victoria’s Secret feel. Not my style at all, buuut they sometimes have some nice basics or work-wear.
  • Dorothy Perkins (Tall): Hip British store, with shipping to the U.S.
    EXCLUSIVELY TALL STORES: So, I generally don’t purchase from exclusively tall stores — I’ve had some real disappointments in the past as far as fit. However, I’m reconsidering this stance, particularly for my “essentials,” like long-sleeved basic tees and nice sweaters. Please send me an email ( if you have any recommendations or reviews, but here are some of my picks:
      TALL JEANS & PANTS: There are a TON of stores that have longer inseams for jeans and pants, but not necessarily longer styles for tops and jackets. Check out my Tall Denim Guide for full reviews and lots of options, but here is the short-list of the stores I always check just for their nice selection of long-inseam jeans, cords, and pants:

    • dELiA*s: Colorful pants and jeans, inseams up to 36″.
    • Alloy: Denim in new trends, up to 37″ inseams