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Tall Denim (36″, 37″, 38″) Shopping Guide

Looking for the perfect pair of long-inseam jeans? Who isn’t? Fortunately, when it comes to clothing for tall women, denim is the area with the most options. It’s easier than ever to find jeans with 36, 37, and even 38 inch inseams, and with easy return policies, you can try out a ton of options. Here are my recommendations, but you’ll probably have to do a test-run of a few to find your perfect fit. Happy denim hunting!

    OPTION 1: Regular clothing shops with longer inseam jeans. Regular stores with a tall denim section are great for people who want new trends for less money.

    My top picks are:

  • Top Shop UK jeans long 36 inch inseamTop Shop UK: Great new British import. Very stylish without feeling like tween.
    • Quality: Good!
    • Style: Cutting edge trends for the twenty-something.
    • Price: Pricey, but cheaper than ‘designer’

  • delias tall jeans long inseam 36 inchDelia’s: Delia’s are my go-to jeans these days. They’re cheap, in style, and colorful.
    • Quality: Not fantastic. The zippers are constantly falling down, and the fabric feels cheap.
    • Style: So many options and colors, particularly outside the denim-blue family.
    • Price: Cheap! $40 or so per pair, plus look-out for sales!

  • Extra Long jeans from Alloy 36 inch 38 inch insteams
    Alloy carries lots of long jeans, with up to 38 inch inseam in lots of styles.

    • Quality: Cheap! Mine have lasted a while, but they just feel (and sometimes look) cheap.
    • Style: VERY young, with a ton of overly-distressed styles. If that’s not your thing, you’ve got to hunt for a pair you’ll like.
    • Price: Cheap! These are about as inexpensive as you’ll find.

  • Banana Republic TAll jeans 36 inch long inseamBanana Republic: Classy denim, great for work.
    • Quality: Medium. The fabric feels great, but I lost a zipper after a less than a month of wear once!
    • Style: Classy and trendy. Feels like it’s made for a mid-to-late late 20’s city dweller.
    • Price: Pricey, but cheaper than ‘designer’

  • J. Crew jeans tall 36 inch inseamJ. Crew (Tall): Classy preppy pretty.
    • Quality: Nice quality, nice feel.
    • Style: Classy and preppy. More traditional cuts.
    • Price: Pricey, but cheaper than ‘designer’

  • gap bootcut tall jean 36 inch inseamGap Tall: Very long and not too expensive, but nothing to get excited about.
    • Quality: Medium quality.
    • Style: Very long, sort of “mom” jeans look to me. I also think their denim colors look a bit dated (too late, not great washes). The jeans are long-inseamed as advertised (the 36″ I ordered were really 36″ long, even after washing).
    • Price: Not too bad! Less than J. Crew and Banana for sure.

  • long inseam lucky jeansLucky: Oh lucky, my very first pair of 36 inch inseams! They were slouchy carpenter grunge pants, how times have changed. Some nice options here in X-long, but upwards of $100.
    • Quality: Unkown
    • Style: Similar styles to delias, youthful looks
    • Price: less than designer, but still pricey.

    OPTION 2: Tall Girl Stores: Over the years, I’ve tried lots of jeans from stores that cater exclusively to tall girls and I rarely love the fit. Therefore, I tend to avoid trying jeans from these stores (especially with so many other options). If you have a recommendation, let me know ( and I’ll give it another shot. Regardless, I keep my list of tall stores over on the Tall Clothing Shopping Guide, so check there for information on Tall Girls UK, Long Tall Sally, and Long Elegant Legs.

    OPTION 3: Designer Jeans with fancy long lengths. Oh designer jeans, with your soft fabric, lovely fit, and intricate back pocket designs. Yes, of course! Take my $200! Are you sure you don’t want $300? I’ve tried to include shopping links below, but a lot of these can also be searched on the Designer Jeans Website Designs by Stephene. Designer jeans are generally all high-quality and pricey, so I’ll just give a brief review.

    Here are some contenders:

  • seven jeans, tall fit long inseam 36 inchSeven for Mankind: Wonderful color and fabric. Still, the fit of the pair I had was a bit lacking. Lower rise even than Delia’s or Alloy, a little too flared for me. You can find these pants on the the Seven for Mankind website, but it’s such a mess of a website. They are also up at the Designs by Stephene website or at Couture Candy. $150-$200.
  • hudson jeans tall long inseamHudson Jeans: Designer jeans, rumored to be super-long. The “supermodel” styles are at least 36 inches. $180. The Hudson Jeans Website doesn’t have any online shopping, but I know you can grab some of these designer jeans from Designs by Stephene and at Tall Couture. $160-$190.
  • Aristocrat 36 inch jeans long inseamAristocrat: It seems almost impossible to keep up with all the new designer jeans, but here’s another I haven’t heard of — Aristocrat, with some nice dark washes. Their “Windsor” jeans all claim a 36 inch inseam. I couldn’t find a website, but did find a selection of their jeans on the Couture Candy website.
  • J Brand. Designer Jeans long 36 inch inseamJ Brand: Although quite pricey, I’m very impressed by the style and color varieties of J. Brand — and they all seem to rock the 36 inch inseam, hurrah! Here’s a link to Shop bop’s J.Brand online section. $200-$250.
  • Notify jeans long 36 inchNotify Jeans: Although I’m not a huge fan of the style, or price, of this brand on first look, who knows? Maybe this is the perfect jean for you! Check out the Notify options at Shopbop. $250ish.
  • 1921 long inseam 36 inch 1921 Jeans: Styles up to 36 inch. I like the look of the fit; plus, I found a pair with back-flap pockets, which I think are super flattering. Check out the 1921 Denims at Designs by Stephene. $150- $200.
  • Rock and Republic long inseam 36 inchRock and Republic: Popular designer jeans, rumored to not be durable, but I really wouldn’t know with that price-tag. And side-note, all the photos of their jeans feature a model sticking her butt out at the oddest angle. Anyway, their “Nirvana” line has 36 inch inseams and I found this pair at Fashion Chateau. $225.
  • tall jeans 36 inch inseam baby phatBaby Phat : Baby Phat is run by fashion designer and former model Kimora Lee Simmons, who at 6′0″ knows a thing or two about inseams. I’ve never owned or tried on any of these jeans, let me know if you have. Pros: 36 inch inseam, low-priced jeans, plus plus-sized options! Cons: Limited selection and styles. Check out Baby Phat here. (browsing tip: if you’re not a plus-size, navigate to junior).
  • Others: There seem to be new designer options all the time. I couldn’t find much info on these, but here are some brands to keep your eye out for: Chloe (mad costly, but good reviews), True Religion (where do you hide your long jeans?), Balenciaga Jeans (35-38 inseams, but super expensive I hear), Alexander McQueen, Chip & Pepper (used to have long jeans, possibly no more?), James Jeans, Fidelity Jeans, Victoria Beckham (could only find 35″), Citizen of Humanity.