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LEGGINGS and TIGHTS: Tall Women Shopping Guide

In the colder months, having long tights, stockings, and leggings are a must for dress-loving tall gals. My advice is — if you find a pair that fits, buy three. The selection can be a bit limited, but here are my top picks:

    Extra-Long Tights and Leggings: I like my tights sturdy, colorful, and long. I always prefer tights to footless-leggings, but it is nice to have a pair of leggings that hit your ankle to wear with boots, or tall socks. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Tall Girls UK: Yay! Extra-extra tall tights! I just found out that Tall Girls UK carries tights (and in a couple of nice colors) and I’m so excited. Tall Leggings too!
  • We Love Colors Inc.: So manyyy beautiful tights (in 45 colors!) and I heard a rumor that their plus-size A1 tights fit long legs. I’ll include a better review once I’ve been able to try a pair on!
  • Classic leggings by Newport News: Basic leggings in 10 or so interesting muted colors (Graphite, Mushroom, Dusty-Lilac), all with tall options! The thing that really caused me to take notice was the price (under $15!) and reviews that said things like “Before I brought these, I wasted money on leggings that were 5Xs the price, barely touched my ankles and so-so for fit. I’m tall (6′) and these leggings from Newport fit long on me and make the legs look shapely.” Even if you don’t want these, you should go read the reviews, because it’s actually really satisfying to read all the short people complain about these being too long ;)
  • Levante Plain Wool Tights, available in XTall, in Charcoal, Mocca, Navy, Nero, and Sherry. States it fits up to 6′2”
  • Levante Ribbed Wool Tights: available in XTall, in Camel, Mocca, and Nero. I have two pairs of these and they fit me pretty well (I’m 6′4” and very thin).
  • Levante Class Tights: A more traditional hose, available in XTall. Unfortunately, only available in the brown, black, and tan range of colors.
  • XL Mark and Spencer fishnets: I haven’t tried these yet, but they’re definitely on my radar.
  • Long Leggings from Long Elegant Legs: Simple 36 inch inseam leggings in black, for about $40. I found these under the Lounge and Yoga section.
  • Long Tall Sally: If you browse to the accessories section, you’ll see some a few options here.
    Unisex Tights: Yes, some guys wear tights. And on average, guys are taller. Way to go cross-dressing guys! Unfortunately, you’re not going to find a fine range of color, but take what you can get, eh?

  • Levee WoMan Dynamic Support Tights comes in two boring colors, but a huge range of sizes, sure to fit any gal. This same store has some other options in the section “Men’s Hosiery”.
  • We Love Colors Inc. also has a TON of colorful mens’ tights… might give this one a try!